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Hopeless Records RSD3 Blind Box 3" Single Series

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Commemorating the label’s 25th anniversary, this Hopeless Records blind-box pack is a tiny sampling of their eclectic catalog and a celebration of their history. Featuring pop-punk and alt rock hits from All Time Low, Neck Deep, The Wonder Years, and Stand Atlantic, this marks the first time these songs are available on 3" vinyl. Each release comes in blind box packaging, includes a fold-out poster and is limited to 1,000 copies. (Released August 23, 2019)

Each Hopeless Records Blind Box piece will include ONE of these singles:
All Time Low - "So Wrong It's Right"
Neck Deep - "Can't Kick Up the Roots"
Stand Atlantic - "Skinny Dipping"
The Wonder Years - "Sister Cities"

NOTE: This series is sold as a Blind Box item. That means all four singles have the same packaging and the fun is finding out which track is inside!